Baby gear – 9 things we love

things we love

Pregnancy brings with it lots of things – heartburn, nausea, chronic fatigue, and an overwhelming desire to buy anything and everything that might make life with a tiny human a little bit easier.

I spent my pregnancy scouring blogs and articles listing the best products. But three weeks in, these are the items that have had a positive impact on our days.

Giant muslins. You can go super fancy here, but we bought a metric ton from Mothercare when they were on offer. They’re great for mopping up vomit, keeping baby warm and screaming into when it all gets too much. We always have one within arm’s reach.

Tommee Tippee bibs. These are super absorbent, perfect for soaking up vomit and milk dribbles (are you sensing a theme here?) The padded collar catches pretty much everything, minimising outfit changes and preserving our sanity.

Breastfeeding pillow. I’m not breastfeeding (more on that in another post) but this U-shaped pillow has proved a favourite napping spot for little Mae. She’ll snooze for hours, wedged in, and I know she can’t escape while I nip to the loo (I’m aware this stage won’t last long…)

Vibrating chair. A total eyesore in the living room but completely worth it for calming a colicky baby. She enjoys the movement and I can rock her with my foot while scrolling through Instagram. Plus, I bought it second hand for a tenner. A win all round.

Infacol. This stuff is magic for windy babies. Mae gulps her milk as though we’ve been starving her (a great look in front of the visiting midwife), so takes in a lot of air while feeding. This helps her produce epic burps and stave off colic.

Bednest. Instead of splashing out on a side-along crib, we rented one for £50. We can keep it as long as we like, then the kind folk from Bednest will collect it, so we don’t have to worry about finding space to store it.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. Once Mae decides she’s peckish, she expects the milk delivered directly into her mouth immediately. With this (and the health of our ear drums) in mind, we splashed out on this bad boy. It’s bloody brilliant, and makes those 3am feeds a little more bearable.

Ewan the dream sheep. Yes, everyone tells you to get it, and yes, it is worth it. Saying that, I think Alex gets more out of it than Mae (I’m actually concerned he’ll take it off her when she moves into her own room).

Moby Wrap. This soft sling took a little bit of getting used to (we practised with a teddy bear before Mae arrived) but now I love it. Mae sleeps for ages in it, and I get hands-free cuddles (so I can still, you know, eat). Again, we got it second hand for a tenner. Bargain.

So there you have it. Final advice – go for function over style and buy as many bibs as you can afford. You’ll need them.


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