Thoughts on motherhood – two weeks in

two weeks old

Born on the 21st of November, baby Mae is now two weeks old. So a fortnight into this crazy new life of mine, here are my initial thoughts on motherhood:

  • Everything feels like a huge achievement. Drinking a cup of tea (while it’s still warm), getting through a load of laundry, eating some soup, remembering to take your post-natal vitamins.
  • The idea of going on any kind of holiday fills you with dread. Just going for a walk in the park feels like an ordeal.
  • Massive burps thrill you.
  • You find the smell of stale baby vomit oddly pleasant.
  • You suddenly love any gadget or gizmo that makes your life easier. (Related: I think our Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine may be the best thing we’ve ever bought – when it comes to food, Mae ain’t waiting.)
  • You wonder how much more your washing machine can take. And worry that if it conks out, your life will fall apart.
  • How much TV is too much TV? And will it rot her brain even while she’s sleeping?
  • You quickly master the art of speed eating, thus replacing one cause of heartburn with another.
  • You wee really fast, terrified that by the time you return your baby will be on fire/missing/deeply traumatised.
  • You contemplate how parents of more than one child do it. Really. Because right now, caring for more than one seems impossible.
  • Will you ever wear anything without an elasticated waistband again? And will you dress your baby in anything other than a sleepsuit?
  • You miss her when she’s sleeping. And when she’s awake, you wonder when she’ll next fall asleep.
  • You realise your heart is no longer your own. It’s been transplanted into this tiny, precious, snuffly (often stinky) creature.

So yes, the first two weeks have been a serious learning curve. I’ve learned you can never have too many bibs, your washing machine quickly becomes a beloved member of the family and you’ll scroll through Instagram in a mixture of jealousy, horror and bewilderment at those mamas who seem to have it all together. Before reminding yourself that they probably don’t.

At least not all the time.


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