A Lancashire walk

One of the lovely things about living in Prestwich is we’re only half an hour from the city centre, with all its fantastic shops, cafes and galleries.

But we’re ALSO only half an hour from some seriously beautiful countryside.


So we took full advantage of this fact on Sunday and drove the short distance to Ramsbottom. We knew we were getting close when we had to stop the car to let a herd of cows cross the road…

Prepared as ever, I’d downloaded and printed a walk from the internet. This walk, in fact, should you wish to partake.

And I highly recommend you do. It was an excellent walk, with everything you’d hope to see. Hills, trees, moors, landmarks, a tiny frog. It was equal parts muddy and sunny, with lovely views in all directions.

But I’ll let the photos do the talking.


We briefly considered the possibility of living in Holcombe (your typical picturesque village) but quickly abandoned the idea.

Prestwich might not be quite so beautiful, but when it gives you such easy access to the countryside and the city, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.


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