Dim sum at Tattu

Since we moved to Manchester we’ve been easily seduced by the plethora of excellent restaurants and bars on our doorstep. We’ve done our best to resist – in the name of saving money – but it can be tricky.

And the allure of dim sum proved too much to ignore. So we headed to Tattu, in Spinningfields.


First of all, as evidenced by the giant cherry blossom tree in the middle of the restaurant, this place is stylish. The staff are cooler than you could ever hope to be, and the whole place is designed impeccably.

And the cocktails are pretty good too. I had something gin and elderflower related (my standard choice), and Alex had something bourbon, butterscotch and cinnamon related (which he LOVED).


And then it was on to the food. We’d been craving dim sum for a few days (disclaimer: since we saw them eat it on Cold Feet. What is our life?) and we were spoiled for choice with the menu at Tattu.

After much deliberation, we settled on three dishes each (a decision validated by our charming waiter).

Prawn and lobster toast (which came with a variety of delicious dipping sauces).


Chicken truffle shumai. Delicious.


Tuna ceviche. This was incredible; light and refreshing.


Crispy, chilli squid. A little too spicy for me, but fantastic nonetheless (and Alex loved it).


Pork char sui buns. These are an absolute must for me at any dim sum restaurant and these were fantastic. I could eat them all day long. (I won’t.)


And finally, some pieces of crispy pork belly. We both agreed we wouldn’t order these again. They were ok, but nowhere near as good as the rest of the dishes.


But overall, Tattu was fantastic. The atmosphere is beautiful and the food delicious. Definitely worth breaking our ‘no eating out’ rule over.


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