Lunch in Lyme Regis

Last week, my Mum, Dad and Grandma were having a break in Dorset. So on Saturday, we arranged to meet them in the lovely seaside town of Lyme Regis.

The weather was just beautiful.

Lyme 7

We stopped for a coffee, then had a leisurely stroll along the Cobb.

Lyme 16Lyme 14Lyme 15

Walked through the gardens.

Lyme 8Lyme 9

Before arriving at our lunch destination.

Lyme 6

Mark Hix is a pretty famous chef. He has restaurants in London, and this little spot in Lyme Regis.

The interior is beautiful. It’s really simple and works beautifully with the ocean backdrop.

And the food was just fabulous.

Dad and I shared some oysters, which were fantastic.

Lyme 17

Mum and Grandma enjoyed a light courgette and goats curd salad.

Lyme 18

And Alex went for some scallops, chorizo and samphire.

Lyme 12

After that, it was time for mains. Now me, Alex, Mum and Grandma all had the fish pie. Which was fabulous. Annnnnnd, we forgot to take a photo. Typical. But trust me, it was amazing.

Dad had the cod with scallops, which was equally delicious.

Lyme 11

Despite all that fantastic food, there was still room for dessert.

Grandma and I shared (read: I ate most of) a chocolate fondue, complete with strawberries for dipping. In the end, the strawberries held me back and I just used a spoon (and then, my finger).

Lyme 4

Mum had some refreshing sorbet.

Lyme 10

Dad had some sea buckthorn posset (which he ordered because he didn’t know what is was, and then – thankfully – enjoyed it).

Lyme 2

And Alex went for a boozy jelly number, which he loved.

Lyme 13

We loved Hix. The food was simple but delicious, and the setting was just gorgeous.


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