Postcards from a shepherd’s hut

Alex finished school for the year (and forever, as he’ll be starting a new job in September). To celebrate, we booked two nights at Dimpsey – a shepherd’s hut based on a farm in South Somerset.

It was magical. A complete escape. We’ve been really busy recently – Alex’s job is very demanding and I spend four hours a day travelling to and from work.

So we really needed a break.

Dimpsey 8

The hut is just stunning. It’s not far from Chard, but it feels as though you’re in the middle of nowhere, with sheep grazing on the field in front of you (and alpacas behind you!).

Emma has kitted out the hut beautifully. It’s tiny, but full of hidden surprises.

Dimpsey 10Dimpsey 11Dimpsey 12Dimpsey 13

First things first, we set about lighting the fire pit for dinner.

Dimpsey 9

Which – despite Alex’s recent week with the army – took quite a bit of effort.

After a couple of false starts, we got it going and set about cooking our dinner – beef burgers and sausages made on the farm.

Dimpsey 16

(Disclaimer: we finished them off on the hob, because the fire had died out a little too much. Bad campers.)

We then relit the fire, and toasted some marshmallows.

Dimpsey 14Dimpsey 15

Which we enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate (located in the delightful ‘hot chocolate corner’).

Dimpsey 17Dimpsey 1

And finally, it was time to enjoy the woodfired hot tub, which had been heating up nicely.

Dimpsey 7Dimpsey 6

After a good long soak, we relaxed in the hut with a game of scrabble and some classic records.

Dimpsey 26Dimpsey 27

After a victory to Alex (helped along by me) it was time for bed, which ingeniously pulls down to replace the dining table.

Dimpsey 3

The next morning, it was time to whip up the bacon and eggs Emma had so kindly left us.

Dimpsey 18

The kitchen is small but perfectly formed, and it wasn’t long before we were tucking into a delicious breakfast.

Dimpsey 22

After breakfast, we consulted the various OS maps and leaflets in the hut, and drove to Neroche Castle, an iron age fort just a few miles away.

We burned off breakfast (maybe) with a hearty stomp in the beautiful Blackdown Hills…

Dimpsey 23Dimpsey 24Dimpsey 25

…before heading to the local pub for a slap-up Sunday roast (which was lovely).

We headed back to the hut to tune into the Wimbledon Men’s Final, which we listened to on the charming Roberts radio.

Dimpsey 20

And spent some time with the resident cat, Kitty, who was very affectionate.

Dimpsey 4Dimpsey 5

We enjoyed another soak in the hot tub, and a walk around the local lanes before we spent one final night in our gorgeous hut.

We had an amazing stay. Emma has done a brilliant job of creating a serene, peaceful and cosy place to escape the real world for a while. Highly recommended.



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