A sunny day in Somerset

We’ve been enjoying exploring the local countryside recently, and Sunday was no exception. We started at our local farm shop.

Since it was so sunny, we grabbed a table outside.

unnamed (1)

(After saying a quick hello to these chaps.)

unnamed (6)

White Row Farm has a cafe, a fish & chip shop and a shop stocked with delicious goodies.

And a beautiful setting.

unnamed (4)

We ordered the full English (feeling a tad guilty about the bacon after seeing those gorgeous piglets).

unnamed (3)

Pork-based guilt aside, we enjoyed it all the same. It’s simple, hearty fare and the perfect start to a day of exploration.

We hopped back in the car before the food coma set in, and headed up the road to a lavender farm.

unnamed (24)

The lavender wasn’t quite in full swing. But we vowed to return and took a seat outside the cafe to enjoy some lavender tea.

Lavender Tea - Happiness Remembers

Then we hopped in the car again, and headed down some very narrow country roads until we reached the village of Freshford.

We parked up and enjoyed a delightful walk along the river to Avoncliff.

unnamedunnamed (23)unnamed (5)Freshford - Happiness Remembers

We had a quick drink in a beer garden and pootled round the (extremely beautiful) village before heading home, where Alex got stuck into the cider he’d bought at the farm shop.

Cider - Happiness Remembers

Let’s hope the good weather continues, so we can explore more of beautiful Somerset.



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