The Ethicurean - Happiness Remembers

Lunch at The Ethicurean

Today is my birthday. This weekend, to celebrate, Alex took me for lunch at The Ethicurean – a place I’d had on my ‘must visit’ place ever since we moved to the West Country.

Set in a stunning walled garden, just south of Bristol, this place is stunning.

unnamed (4)

Especially when the sun is shining.

unnamed (1)

We headed into the sun-drenched conservatory, where we could look out over the beautiful Somerset countryside.

unnamed (14)

Where we enjoyed a bottle of homemade apple juice.

unnamed (15)

And eyed up other people’s plates, enviously. The menu is short but incredible. Everything is local and seasonal, and many things come from the on-site garden.

We skipped a starter in favour of a board bursting with artisan bread and butter.

The Ethicurean - Happiness Remembers

The bread was incredible – it barely needed any butter.

Then it was onto the main course. I had duck breast – which came with a delicious sauce involving local ale – served with perfectly cooked broccoli and mash.

The Ethicurean - Happiness Remembers 3


Alex had pork belly – which he loves – with spinach, beetroot and a delicious spiced apple sauce.

The Ethicurean - Happiness Remembers 2

For pudding, I had the sticky toffee apple cake, served with clotted cream ice cream and honeycomb. It was incredible, although I defeated by the very large portion of cake.

The Ethicurean - Happiness Remembers

Alex went for affogato – ice cream and honeycomb with an espresso to pour over.

unnamed (17)

We left feeling very full and very happy, and headed back to Warminster, where we lay in the garden and enjoyed the last of the day’s sun.

unname 23dunnamed (23)


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