8 things for Friday


It’s been a short week for me – I spent Saturday to Wednesday in the beautiful Peak District with my family and Alex. But a weekend is always gratefully received. The weather’s meant to be atrocious here so we’ll be making use of our National Trust membership (and eating cake).

Before the culture eating commences, here are some interesting links to digest.

How to write. (Spoiler: start writing.) I need to do this.

100 famous artists in their studios. (Side note: maybe I need a studio…)

The power of creative cross training, aka the benefits of side projects.

I want to go to Iceland, and when I do, I want to stay in this hotel.

Somebody’s recreated Van Gogh’s bedroom and you can stay in it.

Speaking of Van Gogh, here’s a lovely video about him and why you should paint (or create) like nobody’s watching.

Digital downtime is something I need to embrace (Alex often says he’s an iPhone widower).

And finally, a great email newsletter for all things tech/design (and for any budding entrepreneurs).

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