9 things for Friday

Snow scene

Image source.

So this blog has been somewhat neglected of late, mostly because we haven’t been doing lots of eating out (living in Warminster and all).

However, I’m resolving to spend a bit more time and effort on this little bit of the internet. Starting with regular Friday links – often my favourite type of posts to read on other blogs.

I’ve got loads of lovely links this week, so grab a cuppa, procrastinate, and enjoy.

Some beautiful photographs of Venice’s islands, inspiring huge wanderlust this rainy January.

Forget new year’s resolutions. Instead, pick a theme for 2016.

An inspiring quote about speaking up from Dame Maggie Smith.

Lots of ethereal canal-side photography in this post on the Salty Sea blog.

As someone who desperately wants to write, I love these beautifully simple 10 rules of writing.

If I lived near Washington DC I’d totally go and see this installation.

Some more wanderlust, courtesy of Carrie and her trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As a northerner and (ex)Londoner, this article by the hilarious Grace Dent rings so true.

And finally, take some deep breaths. Perfect for those stressful moments in the office.

Have a lovely weekend!


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