An anniversary in Bath

Recently it was our 9-year anniversary. So this Saturday, we hopped on the train and headed back to the beautiful city of Bath.

The day started the way almost every anniversary has started: with a trip to the Thermae Bath Spa.

We always get there for opening time, because the place gets busy. Especially on a Saturday during half term. Luckily we were one of the first through the doors, which meant we could enjoy the blissfully warm rooftop pool before the hoardes arrived.

We emerged mid-morning, relaxed and damp, and made a beeline for one of our favourite coffee spots, the Forum.

Alex had his usual espresso, whilst I had a pot of tea. And I couldn’t resist (really, I couldn’t. I did try) one of their fabulous caramel shortbreads.

Note the two forks. I did share with Alex, honest.

We spent the rest of the morning shopping (Warminster’s retail offering is not excellent, unless you’re in the market for a tattoo or some terrible takeaway food) and at 1pm, landed at one of Bath’s newest restaurants, Burger and Lobster.

We’re familiar with Burger and Lobster from our time in London, although we never actually got round to eating there. But since it was a special occasion, we pushed the boat out.

The setting of the restaurant is beautiful, in one of Bath’s gorgeous buildings. And we were seated next to this chap. Which made ordering lobster tough.

So we started with drinks. An iced tea for me, and a ‘Paddington Beer’ for Alex – a heady combination of Sam Adams beer, whiskey and marmalade.

Then it was time to order. Despite the fierce glares from the chap next to us, we went for a burger and a steamed lobster to share. The perfect way to try both their offerings.

We put our bibs on in preparation. Then the food arrived.

The lobster came halved, served with a side of lemon and garlic butter, which was divine.

The food was fantastic. The burger was a tad expensive at £20 (everything on the menu is £20) but it was perfectly cooked and very tasty.

I’d never eaten lobster before, and had great fun trying to pry all the succulent meat from the tough shell (luckily Alex was on hand to help out) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s such a treat.

We skipped dessert and spent the afternoon with James Bond, at the lovely Little Theatre in Bath.

It was another fantastic anniversary, spent in one of our favourite cities.


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