A final brunch

One of our favourite activities (as you’ll know if you’ve read this blog before) is brunch. It’s the perfect meal – better than breakfast, more exciting than lunch, and it only happens on a day when you’re not at work.

On our final morning in London, we hopped on the tube and headed East for a final brunch.

I’d heard fantastic things about Hotbox, in Spitalfields, so decided to give it a whirl. We hadn’t booked, but as we turned up the minute they opened (keen) they were able to squeeze us in.

The menu is amazing. It reminded us A LOT of the breakfasts we had in America, so we knew we were in good hands.

Unlike America though, they also offer an excellent English Breakfast Tea.

And a double espresso for Alex, of course.

Now for the food. It was tough to choose, but I went for the pork belly eggs benedict, with a side of guacamole. Because breakfasts involving avocado are hard to come by in Bath.

Just look at that. It was magnificent.

And Alex? He had waffles topped with fried chicken and maple syrup. With a side of pork belly. Because why not?

Man it was delicious.

For the boozy amongst you, Hotbox also offer bottomless breakfast cocktails.

After all that fantastic food, we took a final stroll around one of our favourite parts of London.

Then stopped back at the hotel for our bags (and an iced tea).

And then said a final goodbye to Paddington.

Before hopping on the train and heading back to Bath.

London, you were everything we hoped for and more. We may now be fat and broke, but that won’t stop us coming back for more.


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