A playground for scoundrels

Our last full day in London also happened to be Alex’s birthday. To make the most of it, I organised some fun surprises, which Alex had to guess using clues.

We started with a light breakfast from Gail’s Bakery. The reason why will become clear later on.

Then it was time for the first clue.

It was a toughie.

With a bit of prompting, we got there. The answer: Murdock Sloane Square. Alex was off for a shave!

GTxmQpJ3SGI2VNbfvLbu5RjmMKKJp956aCVpR7GJDnAWe walked to Sloane Square from our hotel, pointing out which houses we’d buy if we won the lottery. Which we didn’t.


And arrived at Hackett. Which, if you’re into fancy menswear, is the place for you. Hidden on the top floor is a barbers.

HNwh4rH1FeIrPusriMh2HwFJ5EWixXvxrzCY5PD0ZHk XoLbMB5xGzAlfVoMUi6ESFrMEFW-x5mtJJVdoGhVs74

I left Alex to enjoy his shave…

…whilst I enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful surroundings.

bLS3zTBkt3_bjyNsRTqX_35mvEgS0WndZ5-84Waxpc8 lP5-uHETy5apys0hAgpiLtqYoP4zOiwrKuPmNNjPiyY U-AEWYU5jrgCJwrKIsJNHJnHKrTHgij4EtR87KPNHqMI stopped off for a quick refresh at the Good Life Eatery, which was full of beautiful Chelsea types eating healthy breakfasts.


I met Alex, who was looking fresh faced and clean shaven, and we headed back to the hotel to open up the second clue.


And the answer? Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea at the Athenaeum.


It’s a twist on the classic afternoon tea. More pastry, less sandwich.

We started with a delicious tray, including a sausage roll, a pie, a cheese fondue and some delicious pate.

opvHFMA4Hj2oewOmEtOlq4w2gZY8_uNva-fZ9BDqD3AWe then moved onto cheese and bacon scones, topped with more melted cheese.

2015-08-15 17.29.07

After all that, it was time for sweets. They brought round a trolley bursting with different types of cake.

g2NfNb0HigyvvMwsMOYVJYSRbHrTYtZJ5F8Yts6PvTw QO5Ib9GxHkBt-_uc8jr1KYnuj-T8qf0ErSkZYuotRZo

Which was followed by more pudding.


All washed down with copious quantities of tea.


And when we were full of food? Then it was time for the whiskey.


Which went down very well with a certain someone.


Afterwards, we were feeling pretty full, so took a stroll around Piccadilly, and one of our favourite department stores.

2015-08-15 17.29.11Followed by a walk through St James’s Park.

Then we went back to our lovely hotel, relaxed for a bit, then opened the third clue.

The answer? An exciting cocktail bar, which opened just after we left London, called Cahoots.

It’s based in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street. You just follow the sign for the trains.

You ask for the captain, and you’re led to your table, underneath London’s hustle and bustle.

The cocktail menu (printed on newspapers) is amazing. And we thoroughly enjoyed working our way through it.

2HJCUXtnrdaIndUkL3yJvIsPlBWhsrohYkAsqwKl8mM 2W1b69kr2otPkj-jCoHsVTljbnWZMX5fQpPPh4j_dAA PSb_xE4TTMJxb9-v_BsbNCapf-dumKzmhcdjPGgL1og

The drinks were fantastic, and the atmosphere was brilliant. It’s super popular, so if you want to go, book in advance.

But the night was drawing on and it was time for the fourth – and final – clue.

vOVymnH_YXVMp0TMhOqMBXtG4g6j3loBIvNPeJ0Mdjk q5nIpkaW3ZJBMUyY4Cjs6pp6xwOd6zqkrS40bmaVPHU

This was a fairly straightforward one. The answer – and dinner destination? Little Social, a restaurant in Soho.


It was dark and late, so we didn’t take too many photos, but the food was lovely. We had blue rib eye steak, which took A WHILE to prepare (despite requiring minimal cooking) because they have to let the meat reach room temperature.

It was worth the wait though, especially for Alex, who loves raw, red meat.

It was a brilliant last full day in London, full of surprises.

Happy birthday Alex!



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