The South Bank, sushi and a show

We were proper London tourists yesterday. Not the idiots who stand on the wrong side of the escalator and eat at Garfunkels. Instead, we took in both an exhibition and a show, then finished the day with some exquisite sushi.

Alex started the day with his favourite coffee.



The pastry shop over the road also served some more delightful-looking eclairs.


But since it was only breakfast time, we resisted.

Instead, we headed to the South Bank, to the Table Cafe, where we chowed down on this.

Breakfast 2 Breakfast 1

A stack of bagels, homemade beans, chorizo, hash and eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce (for me). Very filling and extremely tasty.

After breakfast, we headed along the river to the Hayward Gallery.


Where we had tickets to see their current exhibition, Decision, by Carsten Höller.

I won’t spoil it by giving a blow-by-blow account, but safe to say, the whole thing was intriguing and exciting. It started with a terrifying (for me) journey through a dark tunnel.

It involved virtual reality.

Headset 2 HeadsetLittle red and white pills.


A flying lesson.


Glasses that turn the world upside down.

Upside down 2 Upside down

And the finish? A giant slide. Which despite concerns I would die, turned out to be great fun.

Slide 2 Slide

It’s running until 6th September. If you get the chance, book tickets and go. It’s mind blowingly good.

We emerged from the gallery and the heavens had opened. Classic London weather. We regrouped at our hotel and tried to figure out where we could spend the afternoon (whilst avoiding the rain).

We decided to be true tourists and book tickets to a show. We hardly ever went to the theatre when we actually lived here because it’s stupidly expensive. But since we’re on our honeymoon, we picked up cheap last minute tickets to this little number.

Billy Elliot

It was awesome. Full of dancing, singing and swearing – all things I enjoy. And when we came out of the theatre, the rain had stopped.

Plus, it was almost time for dinner.

One of the – many – things I miss about London is its array of delicious sushi. Apart from the occasional Yo Sushi (which we all know to be Below Par), there’s a dearth of the stuff in the West Country. So we decided to treat ourselves to Roka.

We started with cocktails. A fig Manhattan for Alex, and something gin-based for me (of course).

Fig cocktailCocktail 2

And then we tucked into some delicious Japanese food.

Crunchy, salty edamame beans.


Beautifully plump gyoza.


Perfectly perfect sashimi, on a bed of ice.

Sashimi 1

Maki rolls – my personal favourite.


Tiger prawn tempura.


And wonderfully sticky pork ribs.

RibsIt was all fantastic, and the service was brilliant.

Instead of splashing out on dessert, we took a stroll through Soho to this place – Crosstown Donuts.

Donuts 2We grabbed one each, and ate them in bed, whilst catching up on the Great British Bake Off.


A perfect day in London, despite the weather.


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