Bottomless brunch in Bristol

Whilst we love Bath, if you want really decent food, you need to head to Bristol. There are (a lot) less tourists and a lot more real people, which results in restaurants and cafes putting in a bit more effort. A rant for another day perhaps…

ANYWAY, we hopped on the train, hopped on another train to Clifton Down and strolled down Whiteladies Road until we reached this place.

As a hardened Londoner, I always assume if somewhere is good, it will have a queue. So we were there five minutes before it opened (smart). However, this is Bristol, not London, and people here are less manic. So there was no queue and we were the first ones in. Looking a little over keen.

It was worth it though, because this place is seriously good value for money. Check out this menu – a bottomless brunch for £11. That’s less than a (double) eggs benedict in the Big Smoke. And for that, you can order as many dishes as you liked from this menu.

Being a cynical Londoner, I assumed each of these dishes would be tiny. But when I asked the lovely waitress, she advised to start with two dishes each, and go from there. So we did.

I ordered greek yoghurt, fruit and oats. So I could feel smug and virtuous.

As well as scrambled eggs, chilli and avocado on focaccia. Because not enough breakfast dishes come with avocado.

Alex went for slightly meatier (read: less healthy) options. Pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup (and some kind of decorative foliage).

And his all time favourite – focaccia topped with scrambled eggs and bacon chop. Which was absolutely delicious. In fact, he enjoyed it so much, he ordered it twice.

And guess what, the waitress was bang on. Two dishes was enough (for me). Which came to a grand total of £7. Mental.

We loved Brace & Browns, the food was fantastic and the prices are amazing. Go on a sunny day and sit outside on their terrace – it was divine.



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