Jackson and Rye

After our magical visit to Hogwarts, we needed some non-magical food to bring us back to earth. We headed back into town and straight for Soho, where a plethora of delicious-looking restaurants surround you. We made for Jackson & Rye, a place I’d been wanting to try for a while.

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It was pretty busy, but we managed to snag a lovely table right at the back.

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And I was thrilled to discover they were still serving brunch, my favourite meal.

2014-04-05 13.14.04

It was a struggle. The menu is fabulous, with something for everyone and lots of sweet treats. I decided to go for my old favourite, Eggs Benedict. Only it was even better than usual, because instead of a muffin, the perfectly poached eggs sat on top of half an avocado each. Amazing.

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Alex treated himself to a icy cold glass of beer.

2014-04-05 13.20.28

And a Farmer’s Breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, thick belly pork bacon, sausage meat and fried potatoes. It was fantastic, only let down slightly by the sourdough bread, which was ‘difficult to manoeuvre’ (#firstworldproblems).

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Since I had a small(ish) brunch, I decided to treat myself to a dessert. I couldn’t say no to the melting chocolate sundae. It arrived covered in solid chocolate, which melted under the warm salted caramel sauce. Drooling yet?

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Guess what happened to the leftover sauce?

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Alex decided to have an alcohol themed dessert, and ordered the Dark & Stormy Float – rum and ginger beer topped with rum & raisin ice-cream. He loved it.

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The food was delicious, the staff were wonderful and the place was lovely. It’s right bang in the middle of Soho, so the perfect place to start a night out (or finish one the next day!).


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