The Oak, Notting Hill

This is our first blog post in a while, which also means first meal out in a while. The Oak is a fairly unassuming looking building (it looks like a boozer) containing a pretty decadent restaurant. There’s also a tapas bar upstairs for those inclined, but we stuck to the ground floor, which serves a plethora of Italian food.

photo 1 (25)

photo 3 (23)

Choosing what to have was pretty tough. I could have eaten one of everything, but due to budget and gastric constraints, decided on a starter to share; the charcuterie. A selection of cold meats and cheese, topped with a poached pear. Perfect for picking over whilst we caught up about our days.

photo 2 (26)

The Oak are famous for their pizzas, but I was too tempted by the seared tuna. I think it was a pretty good decision. Served with a sherry reduction and ‘sea spaghetti’ (I still have no idea what this is), it was perfectly cooked, satisfying and not too heavy.

photo 4 (21)

The call of the pizza oven was too much for Alex, and he chose well. Topped with creamy Gorgonzola and meaty Tuscan sausage. I couldn’t resist stealing a slice.

photo 5 (14)

If you find yourself in Notting Hill after hours and fancy an Italian feast, you can’t go far wrong with The Oak.

– Sarah


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