Brunching with the Hoi Polloi

As I’ve stated numerous times before on this blog, brunch is one of my favourite meals. It’s also the perfect way to try out a hot new place without breaking the bank. I used it an opportunity to try out Hoi Polloi, the swanky restaurant attached to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

photo 5

The design of the building is beautiful. For photos that do it more justice than me and my iPhone ever could, click here. If I was visiting London, it would definitely be top of my list for places to stay.

The menu was laid out like a newspaper, with different pages for different times of day. We turned quickly to the Sunday Brunch page, where a plethora of culinary delights tempted us.

photo 1 (2)

Two of us went for the classic Egg’s Benedict (large, of course). It was beautifully cooked and I could have eaten it twice (the curse of waiting until 11.30 to eat anything).

photo 1

Alex had spent the morning banging on about eating ham, egg and chips, and by some minor miracle, it was there on the menu. They kindly scrambled the eggs for him (he hasn’t graduated to eggs with runny yolks yet, but it’s on the to-do list). I pinched a couple of chips off his plate and they were divine.

photo 3

And I washed everything down with a pot of classic breakfast tea, which arrived with this beautiful tea strainer, whereas Alex was feeling virtuous and skipped his usual espresso in favour of a fresh mint tea.

photo 4

The design of the restaurant and the beautiful food were a perfect start to another weekend in London. Now we just need to go back and try the evening menu, which looks fantastic!


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