8 things for Friday


Image via Explohr

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. This week has flown by (not that I’m complaining). We’re having a frugal weekend after last week’s shopping trips. Here are eight (not ten) things to keep you amused until the bell rings.

Get out of work early today, thanks to this clever little trick.

You know when someone points a camera at you, you pose and then you realise they’re filming you? Well here’s a hilarious montage of people doing just that.

Next time you see a postcard in a shop window, take a closer look. You never know what you might find.

An amazing alternative ending to Breaking Bad.

I can’t stop watching this ad from Volvo.

If you’re into all things Swedish, head to the Swedish Church in London this weekend for their Christmas fair.

In my opinion, all engagement photos are painfully cheesy but these ones take the biscuit.

Poor Boris, only four people are commuting on his £60 million cable car.


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