Sunday shopping

We’re pretty organised when it comes to Christmas shopping. This is for 2 reasons; firstly, I love it. Secondly, I hate doing it at the last minute and spending all my money in one go. So, on Sunday, we got up for a day of retail therapy. There was only one way to start the day – with the beautiful bread we’d bought from St John’s Bakery the day before, topped with a (thick) layer of maple and peanut butter. To balance it out, we tucked into the delicious British raspberries we’d picked up at Borough Market.


Feeling suitably ready for the day, we hopped on the tube to Bond Street and headed to one of our favourite department stores; Fortnum & Mason. The ground floor is pretty touristy, with people buying boxes of biscuits and tea caddy’s, but head upstairs and it’s much quieter and a joy to explore.


As you can imagine, the whole place is looking very Christmassy!




This is the kind of place you can get lost in (and subsequently spend all your money).






We picked up some presents (none for ourselves!) and headed out into the cold London air. We took a diversion down the Burlington Arcade, one of Britain’s first shopping arcades and a real sight to behold.


After all that Christmas shopping, we were feeling peckish. After seeing the queue outside Patty and Bun, we decided to head to Meat Liquor. We’ve been a couple of times before and always had to queue, but today there was nobody to be seen. We actually thought it was closed, we were so surprised. Thankfully it wasn’t, so we headed into the dark to sample some delicious (and very messy) food.



It was too dark to take photos of the food, but if you go, have the chicken wings. They’re amazing. Luckily they give you a FULL ROLL of kitchen paper to combat the mess.


After eating, we had a mooch around Marylebone and popped into Selfridges to pick up the latest edition of Alex’s favourite magazine.


Before heading home for a classic Sunday evening in front of the telly. Oh weekends, how I love you.


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