Saturday = market day

Saturday was a beautiful day – one of those cold, crisp Autumn days when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. So we got up (reasonably) early and hopped on the tube to London Bridge, armed with a giant rucksack and wad of cash. Time for some serious Christmas shopping!


We nipped down the steps next to Southwark Cathedral into one of London’s most famous food markets.


If you’re looking for foodie gifts, there’s nowhere better. My advice – go early. It gets super busy on a Saturday and perusing market stalls isn’t as much fun when you’re being jostled by tourists.

That said, you can see why they flock here. Borough Market is a plethora of deliciousness.


IMG_4449 - Copy

IMG_4448 - Copy

IMG_4447 - Copy

IMG_4443 - Copy

IMG_4442 - Copy

IMG_4441 - Copy

IMG_4385 - Copy

We managed to pick up more than a few Christmas pressies, alongside trying a few of the many samples on offer.


Rucksack almost full to bursting, we left one market in search of another. Via a fantastic view of The Shard.

IMG_4440 - Copy

We’ve written about Maltby Street market before, and loved it so much we couldn’t resist a return visit.

IMG_4439 - Copy

The first thing we saw were these incredible cakes. We bought one last time we went but managed to resist this time around. They are so beautiful though!

IMG_4413 - Copy

I couldn’t, however, resist picked up a jamon bocadillo from Tozina. Probably one of the best sandwiches in the world, and so simple.

IMG_4437 - Copy

IMG_4436 - Copy

There were so many delicious goodies on offer – we picked up some amazing maple and peanut butter (more on that in another post) and some brioche buns, ripe for some posh burgers.We then left the market for a wander up Druid Street.

IMG_4429 - Copy

It looks like there’s not much to see, but every so often, one of the archways will be bustling with people. Then it’s always worth stopping and taking a look. The first thing we saw was this.

IMG_4432 - CopyDespite the fact it was still pre-noon, we had to take a look.

IMG_4431 - Copy

Two (neat) samples later, we were suitably warm. The gin was delicious, although neat gin at 11am isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

IMG_4430 - Copy

The aforementioned bustle. We stopped and picked up 2 burgers and some bacon slices for dinner (remember those brioche buns we have to fill!).

IMG_4428 - Copy

Our final stop was the famous St John’s Bakery, for some bread and doughnuts.

IMG_4427 - Copy

IMG_4426 - Copy

Fully laden (and slightly chilly) we retreated to the warmth of the Jubilee Line and Westfield, where we had some lunch at Grind – which is by far the best coffee shop in the centre.

IMG_4425 - Copy

Saying that, we both had a pot of tea.

IMG_4423 - Copy

My lunch was definitely the most photogenic.


IMG_4424 - Copy

Poor Alex could carry no more, so we headed back to the flat where we had the joy of unpacking (and therefore remembering) everything we bought, before settling down to watch this. Quite possibly the most perfect Saturday afternoon movie going.


Remember those burgers and broiche buns? Well, we put them to good use.


And topped them with this, which I’d bought earlier in the week.


All in all, a pretty delicious Saturday!


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