An evening at the Diner, Soho

The Diner is one of our favourite London restaurants. The one in Soho is our go-to place when we want something delicious and filling. You can (almost) always get a table and the food is fantastic. Last night, we went with some friends for a slap up meal. The first dilemma – what to choose. The menu is vast and everything sounds amazing.


The one thing we always agree on is the drinks. A hard shake. This is a fantastically thick milkshake with the added bonus of a splash of booze.


I always have the Choconaut and Alex has the Colonel Parker (it combines two of his favourite ingredients: bourbon and peanut butter).



IMG_4168Next up – the food. After a long and difficult decision making process (#firstworldproblems) Alex decided to order what he always has…the Yankee Pig Dog with extra jalapeños. Mmmmmm.


I went for something a little different and had the Diablo burger (a burger topped with crispy bacon, jalapeños, American cheese and mayo). It was delicious with a bit of a kick, and extremely messy.


We accompanied our choices with some chicken wings, which came with a side of blue cheese sauce.


We left feeling stuffed and satisfied. A great dinner choice, plus they have branches all around London, so super convenient!


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