Dinner in Hertfordshire

That’s right, we headed to a WHOLE DIFFERENT COUNTY in order to have dinner with our Watford based friends (I had absolutely no idea Watford was in Hertfordshire). We headed to Bread Butter & Grill and were immediately presented with a plate of pork scratchings to nibble crunch on while we perused the menu.



The deal is, you do two courses for £20.95, or three courses for £24.95. We were restrained and started by ordered two. We’ll find out later whether the third course makes an appearance…

But first, wine (of course).


And some bread (and butter) to nibble on.


Then the starters appeared. I went for the Duck Scotch Egg, and Alex for the pate and foie gras (yes, we know it’s evil) with brioche and apple chutney.


(Sorry for the shoddy photo, I was too eager to get stuck in.)


Both were delicious, although I’ve had better posh scotch eggs (courtesy of Monikers in Hoxton, in case you’re wondering). Alex’s dish was fantastic, really well balanced and anything that comes with brioche is a winner in my eyes.

Next up – course 2. I had swordfish (fancy!) which came with a mango salsa, and Alex had duck breast, which swam contentedly in a sea of Port jus.



All the food was delicious. Here’s some more for you to salivate over.



We were stuffed. But not too stuffed for dessert it would seem (except for me, who piously gave it a miss this time. I know, unheard of). Alex ordered his favourite; the cheese board.


And my friend Rach ended up with the biggest creme brulee in existence.


The service was good, the atmosphere nice and the food delicious (and pretty good value at three courses for £24). Watford may be in a different county, but it’s well worth the trip.


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