10 things for Friday.

Image via Besotted Blog

Since our finances sadly don’t allow us to eat out three times a week, I thought I’d start what is already a long-held tradition among bloggers and post some of the best things I’ve found around the interwebz each Friday. Here goes!

Count the time until you die. Pretty cool and slightly depressing all at the same time.

Everyday objects that look amazingly cool under a microscope.

Avoid sugarless gummy bears. At all costs.

Toilets in a restaurant. No really. IN the restaurant.

One for fellow Breaking Bad fans. Everything Walt wore in all 5 seasons.

Neighbourhood portraits of London. So far we have coffee in Hackney and glass-blowing in Bermondsey.

Fascinating and beautiful lantern slides of old London.

Apparently bottle-aged cocktails are the next big thing.

Dubstep cat. No further explanation required.

And finally, a bad lip-reading of Game of Thrones. Bloody hilarious.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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