Heading south for brunch

Last weekend a few weeks ago, we ventured south of the river to meet our lovely Clapham based friends for brunch. Since the weather was nice (it changed later, sob) we bagged a table in the sunshine outside The Rapscallion, based just off Clapham High Street. It has a great menu with loads of choice, so it took us a while to decide!


While we perused the menu, I enjoyed a fresh orange juice, whilst Alex sampled their espresso.



After much deliberation, I went for my old favourite, Eggs Benedict. It was delicious. I love it and will never be able to make it myself (my cooking skills are dire, hence why we’re always eating out), so I always appreciate it.


Alex, rather predictably, went for the Meaty Breakfast, which he bulked out by ordered some black pudding and beans (although really, shouldn’t black pudding be a core part of anything that describes itself as a ‘Meaty Breakfast’?). The verdict good, but he’s had better. The plate wasn’t quite as heaving as it could have been (especially as he’d ordered extra food).


Overall the food was good, the place was buzzing and the menu was mouthwatering – we enjoyed our trip down south.


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