Sunday (spit) roast

Ok, so not only is the title of this blog a little rude, so is the name of the place we ate (but only if you have a filthy and immature mind, like me). On Sunday we were at a bit of a loose end with where to eat. London has every kind of restaurant under the sun, but it can be a little over-facing if you don’t know what you fancy. Luckily, I’d seen some good things on Twitter about new(ish) rotisserie, Le Coq, in Islington, so we headed there.


The place is small but perfectly formed, and we arrived just before it got busy, so snagged a table by the window.


They have a short, sweet menu, so we perused whilst enjoying a Damson Spritz (non-alcoholic, it was a school night after all).


There was a choice of Jerusalem Artichokes or Clams with Njuda (spicy sausage) to start. We went for the clams to share. Man they were good. The njuda (we had to ask what that was) gave them a really strong but delicious flavour, and the bread they were sat on soaked it all up beautifully.


Needless to say, they didn’t last long…


For mains, there was a choice of rotisserie chicken, pork shoulder or mackerel. We were intrigued by all 3, but played it safe and went for the chicken. We could spy them turning on the spit and they looked pretty damn good. It was a great decision. The chicken was beautifully cooked, and served with roasted red peppers and mini potatoes.


On the waitresses (great) advice, we also shared some rotisserie potatoes. They’d soaked up all the juices from the chicken and were fantastically crispy, just like the best roast potatoes should be.


We were feeling pretty full by this point, so faced with a choice of Pear and Frangipane tart or Blackcurrent Sherbert (a cross between sorbet and ice-cream), we opted for the latter. It was sweet and tart with loads of flavour. The perfect ending to what turned out to be a fantastic meal.


I would highly recommend a trip to Le Coq. The staff were super friendly, the place had a great vibe and the food was simple but delicious.



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