A little bit of something wholesome

A recently new restaurant involving a cocktail menu devised by Tony Conigliaro (remember our masterclass with him earlier this year?) and a fantastic venue near King’s Cross Station? The Grain Store was a definite for my parents’ recent visit. We booked a table well in advance (trust me, it gets busy) and rocked up. The venue is fantastic, in the old Grain Store on Granary Square (right next to Caravan).


The restaurant, headed up by Bruno Loubet, is a homage to the humble vegetable, made clear by the way the dishes are presented on the menu. Although there are a lot of veggie and vegan-friendly dishes, meat and fish is still present. However, it is listed AFTER the vegetables, showing the order of importance in ingredients. Here, vegetables reign supreme. I had the Kimchi and Potato dumplings, floating in a warming chilli oil and lobster broth. It was satisfying without being over-filling (the joys of a veggie focused meal). Alex had the delightfully sweet butternut squash ravioli, served with sage and mustard apricots and both Mum and Dad ordered the dhal lentils (which they raved about), served with sweet banana pepper, apple and red onion salsa and topped with a delicious slab of sea bream. Needless to say we were all very happy with our choice (although I enjoyed pinching some of Alex’s ravioli).

Grain Store

The best thing about veggie meals is you don’t feel completely stuffed after you eat them, which of course means…dessert! The dessert menu was fantastic, and it was a tough decision to choose just one thing. The benefit of eating out with other people is that you can try what they order. Win. I had the apple tart (they serve a different tart every day), Alex had the the most bizarre option (of course), which was strawberry and balsamic jam, served with horseradish ice cream (it was surprisingly good). Mum had a lemon biscuit served with fresh raspberries and passion fruit custard (amazing) and Dad had the white chocolate rice crispy, chocolate mousse and almond ice cream. I have to say, the apple tart was fantastic and an excellent choice.


After all that, the only thing left (for the coffee lovers at the table (which is basically everyone except me) was to have one of their espressos. I would highly recommend a trip to the Grain Store. The food, the service and the atmosphere were all fantastic and we spent the whole journey home raving about our evening there.



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