Go West (in Hoxton…)

Months after originally clocking the Red Dog Saloon as a dinner location, we finally got round to booking a table for a long-overdue catch up with our lovely friends David and Fran (hi guys!). The day arrived, and sadly Alex wasn’t very well. So I took one for the team and went anyway.  Since Alex wasn’t there to prompt me, this is photo-light post. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that the atmosphere was great (and you can’t really photograph an atmosphere, can you?). A proper American style bar and restaurant (says the person who’s never been there, but hey). They were pumping The Rolling Stones’ live Glasto set, which was a definite plus. 


There was a plethora of high-calorie goodness to choose from. I opted for the Californian Burger, with a side of Mac & Cheese. David went for ‘The Heat Seeker’ (I have it on good authority that it delivered on the Heat front) and Fran went all out with the pulled pork and ribs.

Red Dog Saloon

(Sorry for the lack of photos, it was all too delicious and I’d had some cocktails).

Basically, the food was delicious, the prices good, the atmosphere fantastic and we’ll DEFINITELY be back so that Alex can sample their high-calorie delights.


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