Brunch and Bloody Mary’s

After a seeing a midnight performance at The Globe the night before, a decent brunch was definitely on the cards on Saturday morning. Alex, my delicious friend Rachel and I headed to The Rotary Bar, chosen because I’d seen (on Twitter, obviously) that they were launching a new brunch menu THAT VERY DAY. Perfect timing.

Rotary 1

As you can see, we were spoiled for choice. But before we could even think about food, we needed to get stuck into the DIY Bloody Mary Bar. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You can be as creative as you like – they have seemingly endless ingredients to choose from and the barman did a great job of guiding us through it. You start with your base spirit. They had a choice of tequila, vodka, gin and… bacon tequila. I think it’s pretty obvious which one we picked. Then you add your spices, flavourings, fruit and garnishes. We each ended up with a drink that we LOVED.

Rotary 2

Next, onto the food. I went for the Duck Hash (a perfectly cooked fried egg sat atop a bed of mouth-wateringly good duck hash, topped with some zingy ketchup). Alex and Rach decided to split the burger and the pulled pork, since they were both torn between the two. Good (if slightly messy) decision. Rach preferred the pulled pork, Alex the burger. Both were delicious (in my opinion) and came with a side of fries cooked in beef dripping, which I kept pinching.

Rotary 3

The food was fantastic, but the winner was the DIY Bloody Mary. At £7.50 each they’re cheaper than your average cocktail, and great fun to make (and drink). The perfect place for a much-needed brunch.


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