Copenhagen Day 5

Our last day in Copenhagen! Luckily, we’d booked our flights for 8pm so we had plenty of time to cram in some last minute sightseeing (read: eating). After one final visit to Alex’s favourite coffee place, we had a mooch around the shops in the rain, where we ran into these chappies.


We escaped the rain (Denmark is rainy, who knew?) by popping into the cosy and quirky Kaffe Kalaset. I can’t recommend this place enough for a quintessential Danish lunch. Obviously we opted for one last Smörgåsbord (delicious, by the way).


After our final meal in Copenhagen (dinner at the airport doesn’t count), the sun had made an appearance so we went for a stroll around the Botanical Gardens. They’re like Kew Gardens, but free.


We couldn’t resist taking one last look around the fantastic food market before we headed back to our apartment to grab our suitcases (via a street party which seemed to have something to do with Distortion Festival, and a LOT to do with Jägermeister) and head to the airport.

Copenhagen, despite your dodgy weather and terrible exchange rate, we fell in love with your quirky charm, your delicious food and your friendly people. We’ll be back – watch this space.

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