Copenhagen Day 3

On our third day in Denmark, we decided to leave it completely and visit Sweden. Malmö, to be precise, which was a short 30 minute train ride away across the beautiful Øresund Bridge. The weather was beautiful, so we behaved like true tourists and took a boat trip of the canal – a fantastic way to get a potted history (and view) of the city.


After this, we went for what turned out to be a very traditional Swedish lunch at Två Krögare. It was filling and delicious – perfect fodder for an afternoon of mooching round the shops.

Malmo lunch

Malmö is a beautiful city with some fantastic shops. Lilla Torg is a particularly lovely square, with loads of nice shops and cafes.

We arrived back in Copenhagen in time for dinner, which we spent at Tight, where we started with some beef carpaccio (always a winner in my eyes), followed by some beautifully cooked pork. A delicious way to end another fantastic day, which spanned two whole countries.


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