Copenhagen Day 2

Our day started as only a day in a new location could; a hunt for the best coffee and a damn good bakery. Well ladies and gentleman, thanks to our reconnaissance of Jægersborggade, our mission was successful. First we went to Meyers Bakery, a traditional organic bakery specialising in tasty breakfast treats (we recommend the cinnamon buns!) followed by a fantastic espresso at the Coffee Collective.

Breakfast day 2

Once fully refreshed we set out to explore more of the local area; our first stop was Torvehallerne Market. This was, without a doubt, a treasure trove of fresh produce, including cheese and meats, mixed in with stalls of fresh flowers, artisan chocolates and coffee. This is a true gem and well worth a visit for the local and tourist alike! Needless to say, we quickly decided to put together an evening tea with a selection of all that was on hand!

Torvehallerne Market

How next to proceed after such an experience? Well surely it must be time for another coffee? Now I consider myself a coffee evangelist (made up term?) for a decent coffee experience, but even I was unprepared for the sheer enjoyment of the experience at Kent Kaffe Laboratorium . Here we were greeted by an enthusiastic proprietor who was able to talk us through the seven, yes seven, different ways he could make us a coffee. We settled with the Syphon method, as much about the theatre of good coffee making as much as it is about drinking it! Needless to say, and you will have to take my word for this, it was the best coffee I have ever had.

Kent Kaffe

From here we went to the charming, but very touristy, Nyhavn for a bite to eat and a little wander around the waterfront. Nyhavn’s canal is lined with brightly coloured townhouses and bars, however, we would advise caution for stopping too close to the water for a drink as prices for a pint range from the extreme to the absurd. Sarah, having done her research, took us to Holberg no.19 for a sandwich and the world’s biggest salad!


From here, we went to the National Museum of Denmark, where we had the opportunity to follow the history of the Danes from the stone age through to the present day. This was a well put together exhibition which was made even better by, surprisingly, being free!

After returning to our apartment we were able to enjoy our selection of tasty treats from the food market! A tantalising mix of meats, cheese and freshly baked bread, all washed down with a good bottle of red!

Tasty Treats

Before calling it quits for the day, we headed to ‘our local’, Mikkeller and Friends, for a night cap. Who knew that this unassuming bar held a treasure trove of 40 different types of local and international beer and ales. It is fair to say we stayed for a while to sample a small percentage of what they had to offer.

At the end of our first full day, it was clear that the Danes take their food, beer and coffee very seriously.

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