Hot stone bowls in Soho

BiBimBap soho

I was first introduced to BiBimBap by my lovely work colleagues and as it’s become a firm favourite, I thought it was about time it made an appearance in our blog. Based on Greek Street, this basic and cheerful Korean restaurant is the perfect place for a more interesting weekday lunch, or as a pre-drinking dinner venue.

BiBimBap food

They do a great range of food, including some delicious side dishes, but the star of the show is the BiBimBap. Rice, vegetables and some kind of meat/fish served in a hot stone bowl, the key to a delicious BiBimBap is to mix it vigorously when it arrives. You can even add an optional raw egg, which cooks in the bowl to form egg-fried rice. I would definitely suggest you do this. I would also recommend you make use of the sauces on offer – the miso sauce (in the green bottle) is particularly good. On our last visit, I opted for the fillet beef option, Alex for the spicy pork and Katie for the mixed seafood. It was all delicious, gloriously satisfying and at around £8 per dish, excellent value (leaving us more money for cocktails at Milk & Honey – which you can read about here).

Food – 3.5/5

Service – 3/5

Ambience – 2/5

Value – 4/5


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