We Feast(ed)

On Friday night, we took my little sister for a night of food, drink and music in deepest darkest Wapping. Feast is a London food event that rolls around every so often, but this is the first one we’ve managed to get to. Held in the Tobacco Dock, lit by candles and filled with delicious cooking smells, we knew we were in for a treat as soon as we walked in.

Feast intro

We did a cursory tour of the building, taking in the many food stalls, weighing up our options. Mouths watering, we opted for a bowl of Anna Mae’s macaroni and cheese, a pizza from the lovely Pizza Pilgrims and a Big Apple hot dog. We grabbed an excellent (and much coveted) table by the band, some drinks from the bar, and tucked in. Man it was tasty. The Margherita pizza was incredible, and perfect for sharing between the three of us. We followed this with a Smokey Robinson burger from Patty & Bun. We’ve eaten there before, but there was no way we could deny Katie the experience of chowing down on this amazing creation. A little tricky to split (and deliciously messy) but well received all round.

Feast food

Feeling pretty full, we took a short interlude to recover and enjoy the live music (and the gin). We then decided to finish the eating portion of the evening with some squid from the Wright Brothers and a lamb raan bun from Dishoom. We were flagging, but it was delicious and we ploughed on through. The squid was particularly tasty. With regret, we bade our beloved table farewell and went to watch the John Langan Band – the perfect after-dinner music.


The whole evening was fantastic and the perfect way to try loads of different food in one go, accompanied by some excellent music and a buzzing atmosphere. I’ll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for the next Feast event.


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