Saturday night at the Disco (Bistro, that is)

So me and Alex have decided to start a blog combining our two great loves. We enjoy eating and drinking and we enjoy telling people about where we’ve eaten and drunk. This way, we only have to do it once.

Now for our first post…

Disco Bistro

We’ve been wanting to eat at Disco Bistro ever since we saw them tweeting their menu. Last night we went along with Cousin Dan (a frequent member of our excursions). It’s tucked away behind St. Paul’s Cathedral and relatively easy to find (for people who are competent at using Google Maps, not including Sarah). For a Saturday night the place wasn’t that busy (worrying or pleasant?) but the staff were friendly and we were shown to a lovely table, where we sat on old bus seats and perused the menu that had originally captured the attention of our taste buds.

Oddly for a restaurant situated above a pub, it didn’t serve beer. Cousin Dan was sadly disappointed, but soon recovered once a bottle of Spanish red rocked up. Sarah, on the other hand, fed her ongoing gin habit by ordering a House G&T, lovingly served in an iced mason jar. Whilst the gin was delicious and reasonably priced (for London, anyway), the bottle of red was a tad disappointing and slightly overpriced. Oh well, lesson learned.

The next part of the meal was probably the most memorable, taste wise. They brought us freshly baked rolls of bread. Sarah thought they tasted like the smell of Asda’s bakery (in a good way), and Cousin Dan stated that they had a croissant-like quality. All good in the hood. Possibly the exceptionally long wait had primed the taste buds, as it took the waitress an inordinately long time to come and take our order (and provide us with the bread).

Finger-lickin' good!
Finger-lickin’ good!

To start with, we ordered sticky chicken wings and scallops in their shells. The chicken wings were literally finger-lickin’ good (and extremely sticky). We actually played rock, paper, scissors to see who got the last one (Sarah won). The scallops were amazing, served with pieces of black pudding and apple – a combination that worked beautifully together.

Between the starters and the main course, time seemed to stand still. We were waiting almost half an hour before the main course arrived. Thankfully it did, and it was bloody delicious. Sarah had the chicken roll (chicken thigh, avocado, spicy sauce stuffed into a delicious roll), Alex the Disco Burger (beef burger with American-style cheese, bacon  and BBQ sauce) and Cousin Dan partook of the sirloin steak, served with bone marrow, spinach and a peppercorn sauce. The steak must have come from an extraordinarily large cow because it was massive. The chicken burger was fairly spicy (avoid if you’re not a fan of spicy food) and the steak was beautifully cooked. The bone marrow was tasty but really rich, particularly in combination with the rest of the meal. Alex’s burger did exactly what it said on the tin.

Disco Burger

Despite feeling hugely full, Sarah couldn’t resist ordering the doughnuts and hot chocolate sauce for dessert (for blogging purposes, obviously). Despite being completely unnecessary, they were greatly appreciated (and resulted in all three of us spilling chocolate down ourselves. Excellent).

We left feeling full and slightly out of pocket (the bill came to around £35 each, which wasn’t too bad considering the amount of food we’d consumed, but a little overpriced for what it was). All in all, Disco Bistro is a promising place – it just needs to up its game in terms of service and speed and it could join the ranks of some of the other burger joints in the city.

Food – 3.5/5

Service – 2/5

Ambience – 3/5

Value – 2.5/5


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